Melrose Center Welcome Kiosks

The 5 kiosks in the welcome area of the Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center for Technology, Innovation, & Creativity.

Project summary

The Melrose Center for Technology, Innovation, & Creativity created a welcome area with five touch screen kiosks for visitors to get an introduction to the center through videos. The kiosks needed to display classes and events at the center and offer library card sign up.


My Role

I designed the kiosk interface, taking inspiration from the logo and print campaigns created for the center. I developed the class and event listing pages using SQL queries of the MySQL database storing the Melrose Center’s calendar data. The videos were hosted on YouTube but displayed in a playlist using the Open Standards Media Player.

To add visual interest, I used JavaScript to randomize the background color from a set of colors pulled from the logo and adjusted for adequate contrast with the text. I also used JavaScript to send users back to the front page after a certain amount of inactivity and to create the slide out menu.