Melrose Center Class Schedule Kiosks

Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop views of the Melrose Center Class Kiosks

Project summary

The Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center for Technology, Innovation, & Creativity requested a site that would allow visitors to search or browse class and event offerings using wall mounted iPads. An iPad sized mockup with the desired design and filters was provided by the staff in the Melrose Center. The key needs of this project were a modern design and filters relevant to the Melrose Center audience.

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My Role

The organization's event management system housed all classes and events offered by the library. This third party product did not allow the organization’s developers to change the appearance of the user interface. It was difficult to use with touch screen devices, and the filters requested (audio, photo, video, etc) were not able to be set up in the system.

Due to these challenges, I chose to create a site that would query the event management system’s MySQL database. This allowed complete control over the markup and design of the site, separate from the registration and management of classes and events.

I implemented the filters requested by crafting SQL queries that combined criteria such as finding or excluding keywords in event titles, event locations, and event types. I developed the search functionality, and the behavior for no results being found - an invitation to perform another search.

Though the site was requested for iPads mounted to the walls of the Melrose Center, I decided to create a responsive site that worked well in all modern browsers. If the devices were ever updated, or the site was used in other contexts, it would still provide a great user experience.

Two iPads mounted to the wall of the Melrose Center
The iPads mounted to the wall of the Melrose Center