Library Lego Contests

Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop views of different pages from the Lego Contest project

Project summary

In 2012, the Orange County Library System started conducting an annual LEGO contest where competitors in multiple age groups submit their LEGO creations. Promotional pages were needed to inform contestants and attendees of the event details and rules. A page was needed after the event to recognize the winners. The pages were marketed with print posters and promotional graphics on the organization's desktop and mobile sites. From 2012 to 2015, the pages were reused each year with their content being updated as needed.


My Role

I designed and coded mobile and desktop pages for the contest, tying the design into print campaigns developed by the organization’s graphic designer for branding consistency. I also created graphics for web promotions reusing portions of the print campaign. Each year I worked with staff in the Youth Services department to maintain the content, preparing the event information pages before the event and updating the pages with the winner information after each event.


Links to these pages are no longer available.